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Healthy and succulent meat.

Regarding its properties, the bovine meat has low levels of fibre, high levels of proteins aminoacids and low contents of carbohydrates.

Depending on the breed of bovine, its qualities can vary. At the present we work with the following types:


The veal can be male or female animal (approximately 12 months old), the meat is healthy, tasty, tender and with low fat content. Recommended by the nutritionists.


Also called red meat.

In this category are included oxen and cows. This meat has higher fat content and thus results more succulent.


We have also the possibility to carry out the Halal ritual slaughter, following the Islamic law.

For sure the beef is the most appreciated meat.


– Carcasses
– Compensated boneless carcasses
– Forequarters
– Loin bone-in
– Top
– Trimmings

– Forequarter cuts: shank, blade, chuck, neck, brisket, blade, lean meat.
– Loin cuts: loin, tenderloin, chops.
– Hindquarter cuts: topside, knuckle, eye-round, silverside, rump, shank, heel.