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Iberian pork

Considering our location, of course, we offer Iberian hams (jamón ibérico) with excellent qualities, obtained in the local area and with traceability which guarantees the quality of the product.

We offer all kinds of cuts of this animal, legs, shoulders, loins, trimmings, tenderloins, presa, pluma, secreto and our specialty, the Iberian back fat.

We work with frozen back fat, offering thickness from 2.5 to 4 centimeters, +4 cm, neck fat and during the acorn campaign, we offer the exclusive Iberian back fat with thickness +6 cm.

White Pork

We can offer all the primal cuts, from the leg to the head, like loin, tenderloin, belly, chops, jows, collar, hocks, feet, …

We have excellent quality Iberian hams.

Iberian Pork

– Back fat 2.5 to 4 cm
– Back fat +4 cm
– Back fat +6 cm (only during the acorn campaign)
– Neck fat
– Ham
– Shoulder
– Loin
– Lean meat: Presa, Pluma, Secreto, Tenderloin, etc.
– Ribs
– Head


– Back fat
– Loin
– Collar
– Leg: 2D, 3D y 4D.
– Shoulder: 2D, 3D y 4D.
– Trimmings
– Belly
– Bones: femur, knee, neck, etc.
– Offals: liver, tongue, heart, etc.
– Pork carcasses: with or withouth head, European cut.