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The meat from young animals (suckling lambs and goat kid) are highly appreciated in our community, especially when baked in an oven. In general this meat is fattier that the meat from other animals, but the percentage varies depending on the age and the feeding of the animal. So in the younger animals the fat is concentrated around the offals and under the skin, that´s why it can be removed easily.


Due to the low fat content and the high content of proteins, more and more the consumers prefer this healthy meat.


We can also offer Halal goat meat.

It´s mainly characterized by its tenderness and succulence.


– Carcasses
– Sucking lamb
– Lamb
– Mutton – 6 Cuts
– Leg
– Shoulder
– Loin bone-in
– Loin chops

– Leg chops
– Offals
– Plucks
– Intestines
– Stomach net fat
– Stomachs
– Feet